#avengersreadathon // reading challenge

I’m attempting to sing the Avengers theme tune as I wilfully ignore that Endgame is ten days away. I am in no way ready, unless you count having my outfit sorted out: I’m going down with Steve in style, which is to say I’m casually cosplaying as him in my shield baseball tee. Continue reading


the a to z of me // part one

We all have our little quirks, our likes and dislikes that all accumulate in a personality. These little things make us unique. The A to Z of Me is designed to show off our individuality’s and, inspired by Bookishly Brittknee and Espresso Coco‘s posts and answers, I thought it would be a great way to introduce myself and my little quirks since I recently hit 100 followers on this little blog, something I can’t quite believe.

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how i // edit bookstagram photos

So, you might be aware that I have a bookstagram account. What’s a bookstagram account, you say? Essentially it’s a corner of Instagram for the bibliophile community, where people share photos of books and discuss books. A lot of people in the community keep themes. I’ve muddled my way through themes – about five – to reach the one that has become my aesthetic, which is to say it’s easily recognisable as my photo. Cosy beige tones, title pages, strewn jumpers, and a large expanse of negative space.

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