lord of the butterflies // book review

stopping me from carving our initials into a tree

whispering everything that grows already knows who we are

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coffee talk // 2018

The stretch of 2019 stands before me, the mouth of a cave. It is a year of anticipation, of hope for travel and humility. I started my look back, my rewind, on 2018 in my journal with this line: it was a weird year, neither wholly bad nor wholly good. I think of that line now and it occurs to me that is it not, in fact, an accurate assumption: 2018 was mostly good, a sum of 365 days divided into achievements and new starts, with a handful of “meh” days. And that’s okay. Continue reading

hygge your home // decor & more

Autumn means cosiness; it’s replacing shorts and blouses for jumpers and jeans. When hygge was first introduced to me, I had no idea what the Danish word meant and why it was suddenly so popular. So I started to do a little research, and quickly came to the conclusion that I had following the idea of it without realising; this is something we seem to all do subconsciously.  Continue reading