June shook from its wings the frost of spring and took flight upon the temperate air of summer’s breeze. Where May had locked its arms around my lungs and pressed down hard, June broke the coiled embrace of its predecessor. It was finding my place within the freedom afforded to my soul. It was screams of thrill torn from my lips by the anticipation of drop rides, and loop-de-loop’s that whipped back my hair and made my legs wobble afterwards.

I made a promise to myself that I’d spend less of my free time holed up in my room, less time typing away on the keyboard of my laptop. That’s … ironic, but sometimes I’m working on blog posts on my phone in a cafe so I suppose I’m upholding my summer resolution.

I read a lot, I did quite a bit, so here are my favourites from June.


reading wrap-up

My main reading goals for June was: read a few books centered around LGBTQA+ fiction, finally read some graphic novels that had merely been sitting in their box, and catch up on my reading challenge. I managed to do just that.

I somehow read nine books in June, which is a gargantuan feat for someone who is: a) a slow reader, and b) averages about three books a month. The graphic novels definitely contributed, but I think the main reason was the finishing of my degree; all this free time suddenly on my hands with not much to fill it with except work and books.

June was, overall, a month of mixed bookish feelings. Usually I’d write a little opinion on each book, but you can already read that on my mid-year freak out. So, let’s get right onto the books.

june reads one


  • Inhuman Vol.1: Genesis // Soule, Madureira and Stegman – 3/5 stars
  • Opal (a The Raven Cycle short story) // Maggie Stiefvater (re-read) – 5/5 stars
  • Queens of Geek // Jen Wilde (reread) – 4.5/5 stars

june reads two

  • Come Close // Sappho – 3/5 stars
  • To Kill a Kingdom // Alexandra Christo – 1.5/5 stars
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper // Kerri Maniscalco – 4/5 stars

june reads three

  • Young Avengers Vol.1: Sidekicks // Heinberg and Cheung – 4/5 stars
  • Spider-Woman Vol.1: Spider-Verse // Hopeless and Land – 1.5/5 stars
  • The Fall of Icarus // Ovid – 2/5 stars



  • black panther


I can sense my friends rolling their eyes. After seeing it three times during it’s time in the cinemas, I couldn’t wait to finally rewatch Black Panther again when it was released earlier in June. I watched it three times … in one week. I just really love this film. I’m not going to lie, every time I watch it I end up in a bisexual fluster/crisis because T’Challa but Okoye but Killmonger but Nakia. Heh. If you haven’t watched it, all I can ask is: why not?

  • brooklyn nine-nine quiz


At this point in my life, it goes without saying that ninety-percent of my streaming content consists of one certain cop comedy. So when I saw that Yellow Elephant Promotions were hosting a b99 quiz in my local city, I damn well booked a team spot as soon as the tickets came on sale. There were questions designed to catch the casual viewer out, but for a die-hard (ha, get it?) like myself, knowing who Boyle dresses up as in the first Halloween episode was a doddle. That said, there were some questions that I was completely blank on and, in the end, we placed eighth out of twenty-five teams, with a very respectable forty points out of roughly fifty-five. And the whole room sang Backstreet Boy’s I Want it That Way in homage to the greatest cold open ever written.

  • disneyland paris


I think this speaks for itself. Do I have to say anything more? If you think ‘yes, Chloé, you should say more’ then make sure to check out my travel diary coming later this week! There’ll be advice, honest opinions, and me crying over Rapunzel; the latter is a casual Tuesday.

  • queer eye


Picture: a very travel weary and tired redhead slumps into her home and, after half sorting all her luggage out, orders takeout and decides to put on the first episode of a show everyone and their grandmother has been raving about. Why I thought doing so when I was, as stated, travel weary and tired would be a good idea I’ll never know; I balled my eyes out at the first episode. I continued to ball my eyes out for the next five episodes I watched that night. I absolutely adore this show. I’m only two episodes away from finishing it and I need more!

Who’s your favourite of the Fab Five? Mine’s Antoni.

  • record player


I’d asked my parents for a record player as my graduation present, not expecting one until closer to the time of the ceremony (which is November). When I returned from my Disneyland Paris break, I trudged my ensemble of various luggage up to my room and what should await me but a record player. I was tired and travel weary, my emotions were all over the place – basically, I cried when I saw it waiting for me with an LP of music from Stranger Things.

  • thor: ragnarok


Finally, months after it came out in cinemas and months after DVD release, I watched Thor: Ragnarok. And, as you can tell since I’m mentioning it, I absolutely loved it. It was well-paced, had the right balance of action and comedy, and who doesn’t love the snake story and that iconic battle entrance? Also, can I marry Brunnhilde?

+ an extra

  • university results


So … this happened. Somehow writing exclusively about queer characters, Greek mythology and death got your girl just within the margins of First Class Honours. After three years of deadline stress, week long stints of writers-block, and my laptop breaking down a week before a major deadline, I’m graduating with top honours. Frankly, my dear, I’m still in shock. And I’m pretty damn proud of myself!


And that’s what I read and enjoyed throughout the month of June! What did you read? What did you love?

I’m excited for July! I turn twenty-one on the sixth which happens to be this Friday; all I really know is that I’m torn between going to the cinemas and spending the day out somewhere. Either way, I want afternoon tea.

Until the next time – happy reading!



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